The rules on travelling with restricted liquids.

Passengers are allowed to bring no more than 100ml of any liquids on a flight. Total maximum amount of liquid placed into individual 100 ml containers is 1 liter. All 100 ml containers must fit into a clear, sealed plastic bag.

Liquids with volume more than 100 ml which are necessary to meet the medical or dietary needs are exempt from the above restrictions.

According to the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) broadcasted decision on flights to/ from the US, powder-like substances (flour, sugar, coffee, spices, milk powder, etc.) equal to or over 350 milliliters are not allowed in carry-on belongings or cabin baggage. Powder-like products under a volume of 350 ml being subject to additional screening; if such products are not intended to be used during flight, passengers are kindly invited to carry them in their checked-in luggage.

Powders in containers equal to or over 350 milliliters will not be allowed in the cabin and have to be checked in.

Baby formula, prescription medicines and human remains are exempt provided that they are sealed.

Powder-like substances purchased in airport duty free shops at last point of departure must be placed in Sealed Tamper Evident Bags along with proof of purchase.

The following objects are strictly forbidden in your registered luggage for safety reasons

  • red_poison_5855261678


  • red_radioactive_d5f4663271


  • red_blood_sample_ef0415a9bd

    Corrosive substances

  • red_dynamite_de378038de


  • red_bang_0bc8ed1192


  • Objects that can be placed in your registered luggage but are strictly forbidden as carry-on luggage:

  • lighter_09bbdf313d


  • knife_edf83a841c

    Cold arms

  • crime_10df1db163


  • Objects that can be placed in your registered luggage and carried on-board

  • tools_267d140c48

    Matches, lighters

  • spray_09499a0fd9

    Toilet articles: perfumes, aerosols

  • Caution!

    Bringing dangerous objects on-board is illegal and offenders may be subject to prosecution or fines.