An oversales situation may occur due to a number of reasons, including overbooking on a flight resulting in more customers checking in at the airport as compared to the available seats, safety considerations (aircraft weight limits), and substituting a smaller aircraft in place of a scheduled larger aircraft, among other reasons. We seek volunteers willing to give up their confirmed seats in exchange for compensation and travel on a later flight. If there are not enough volunteers, some customers will be denied boarding according to airline boarding priority rules. If you have been denied boarding then you will be entitled to compensation and transportation on an alternate flight, provided you have complied with our check-in time and other applicable rules. In the event that you do not check in on-time or do not meet certain conditions in the contract of carriage, you shall be denied boarding without compensation.

The amount of compensation assembles 100% of the air ticket’s price, but no less than 200 euros and not greater than 1000 euros. Customers that travel to/from USA, will be provided with a compensation in accordance with «14 CFR Part 250 - Oversales».