AZAL and LIBRAFF held an event titled “Let’s Get to Know the Pilots” for schoolchildren

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As part of AZAL and LIBRAFF's joint initiative to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day, an event titled “Let’s Get to Know the Pilots” was held on December 7 for schoolchildren.

The objective of the “Let’s Get to Know the Professions” project implemented by LIBRAFF chain of bookstores was to encourage teenagers and younger generations to read and educate, as well as to support students' career choices, forming a clearer understanding of professions in children. The guests of the project were Emin Melikov, an instructor-captain of the Boeing 787 HG aircraft, and Konul Afandiyeva, a second pilot for the Airbus 319/320 HG aircraft at AZAL.

Students from the 9th and 11th grades of the European Azerbaijan School, who participated in the event, asked the representatives of AZAL questions about the secrets, features, and difficulties of their profession. In addition to sharing their success stories with the students, our pilots also answered the questions posed by the students.