Start Planning Your Novruz Trips: AZAL Offers 40+ Destinations to Choose From

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As the Novruz holiday approaches, Azerbaijan's national air carrier, AZAL, is pleased to offer passengers flights to numerous destinations, providing a wide range of options.

During the holiday season, a dynamic flight schedule is planned to various cities in Europe and Asia, catering to the desires of passengers.

This time of the year, when the allure of the sea and sun is particularly strong, AZAL offers an increased number of flights to popular resort destinations. Travellers can take advantage of the holiday season to relax and enjoy beach getaways in Dubai and Jeddah. Moreover, these locations also offer fantastic shopping opportunities.

An ideal choice for holidaymakers would be to spend their vacation along the Mediterranean or Black Sea coast, specifically in Antalya or Sochi. Even if the sea is not warm enough for swimming, these cities have fascinating excursions to offer.

Türkiye continues to be a highly sought-after destination for leisure and shopping. In addition to flights to Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, AZAL also operates flights to Izmir and Trabzon during the holiday period. Daily flights are available to Istanbul and Ankara, while Antalya, Izmir, and Trabzon receive four, three, and two flights per week, respectively.

Furthermore, AZAL provides an extensive selection of destinations, with around 20 routes to the CIS countries during Novruz. This allows passengers to enjoy diverse holidays, ranging from resort getaways to historical excursions.

The extended spring break presents a wonderful opportunity to visit Tbilisi, where one can fully experience Georgian hospitality and indulge in the delicious local cuisine! AZAL operates daily flights to the capital of Georgia, with a frequency of five flights per day.

For those interested in exploring European cities, the airline offers convenient flights to Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, London, Milan, and other cities that boast remarkable historical heritage.

Moreover, during the Novruz holiday, AZAL is increasing the number of flights to several European destinations. There will be three flights per week to Barcelona, Vienna, Prague and Paris, five flights per week to Milan, and six flights per week to London.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in a new culture and tradition, AZAL offers flights to Beijing, Mumbai, New Delhi, Medina, Islamabad, or Lahore. These incredible cities offer a wealth of local cuisine, ancient monuments, cultural traditions, sacred places, and modern architecture.

Interestingly, passengers traveling with AZAL through Beijing have access to 28 destinations within China served by Hainan Airlines, thanks to a partnership agreement between the two airlines. Hainan Airlines provides AZAL passengers with the opportunity to travel to international destinations from Beijing, such as Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, and Taipei.

Make unforgettable memories with AZAL! Plan your trips in advance to save on flights during the Novruz holidays, when demand is high.

For your information:

Among the popular international destinations of AZAL to which the airline has scheduled daily flights are:

  • Istanbul – 4-5 flights per day
  • Dubai – 1-2 flights per day
  • Tbilisi – 5 flights per day
  • Ankara – 1 flight per day
  • Aktau – 1 flight per day.

If necessary, given demand, AZAL may increase the frequency of flights.

Additionally, Azerbaijan Airlines will have the highest frequency of flights during the holidays on the following international destinations:

  • London – 6 flights per week
  • Milan – 5 flights per week
  • Antalya – 4 flights per week
  • Almaty – 4 flights per week.

To view the flight schedule and purchase tickets, please visit the airline's official website at, use AZAL mobile application or approach to the ticket office and accredited agencies of Azerbaijan Airlines.

During the holidays, passengers are advised to arrive at the departure airport in advance to complete pre-flight formalities, as airport services may experience high load.

For AZAL flights, online check-in opens 48 hours before and closes 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. At the airport, check-in and baggage collection must be completed 60 minutes before departure.