A Flight Check of Radio Equipment is Being Carried out at Zangilan International Airport

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25.08.2022 13:45

August 25, 2022, Zangilan - At the international airport in Zangilan, which is being built on the territory of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation, a check of radio-technical flight support equipment has begun.

The flight check is carried out using a fully automated Aerodata AD-FIS-112 complex installed on board an ATR 42-500 business class aircraft.

Note that AFIS (Aero Flight Inspection System) is a modern full-automatic flight control system used to check landing aids at airports and ground-based radio navigation systems.

It should be reminded that all the important international codes and call signs of ICAO, EUROCONTROL and IATA, necessary for the air navigation support of the Zangilan International Airport under construction, have already been received.

Thus, these codes and radio frequencies are necessary for providing air traffic services, broadcasting aviation meteorological information, commissioning communication systems, navigation, radar and other systems.

They ensure the integration of navigation equipment into the international system, and, accordingly, the safety and regularity of international flights.

Equipping the International Airport in Zangilan with radio equipment for air navigation flight support has also been fully completed.

At the airport in accordance with international standards:

CVOR/DME angle and distance measurement radio navigation equipment installed; instrumental approach systems were installed for both directions of the runway and lighting equipment of the aerodrome, ensuring flight safety according to the category ICAO CAT II and automated aviation meteorological system AWOS for observation on the runway; an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) was built, which is equipped with automated ATC systems, means of aviation ground and air communications, as well as recording of dispatcher communications; a radar station of the primary and secondary channel PSR / SSR was installed; Airport power supply substations were also built. Zangilan International Airport in the region is expected to be put into operation in September this year.

Press Service of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC