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03.02.2016, 09:06

15 January 2016, Baku - Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) announced new airfare for budget round-trip flights on departure from Azerbaijani airports.

As announced previously, within the new concept three fare categories of Economy Class – Budget, Discount and Comfort will be available on the most sought-after flights of Azerbaijan Airlines from February 1, 2016. It will be possible to buy tickets at these fares from January 15.

Terms of Budget, Discount and Comfort fares do not include meals on board and allow carrying only hand baggage (up to 8 kg). Passengers can pre-order hot meals while purchasing air tickets at the sale offices, but in the case of purchase through the website passengers can inform about it via the call center (+99412-598-88-80 or *8880). Passengers will also be able to choose cold snacks and drinks on board.

Pre-payment of baggage fee (up to 23 kg) no less than 3 hours before the flight departure will cost 20 euro. Paying baggage fee after this time will be 5 euro more expensive.

The most affordable tickets for these destinations will be available while booking ahead the Budget fare, which does not provide for a refund or exchange tickets. Terms of the Discount fare allow returning air ticket or changing the date of the flight before the departure with 40-euro fine. Air tickets on the Comfort fare can be returned or exchanged before the flight departure without any additional fees, however after the departure - with fine.

It should be noted that according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the prices of all international passenger transportation by air in Azerbaijan, booked through the global reservation systems, should be nominated in the single European currency Euro. This rule of settlements is also applied in other countries of the IATA’s European zone.

According to the country's legislation, all settlements are made in Azerbaijani manat at the official rate of the Central Bank on the day of purchase.

It should be also noted that the prices for passenger transportation by air in the country remained unchanged - the cost of Baku-Nakhchivan flight is 50 manat, Baku-Ganja flight - starting from 30 manat.