Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways are United under a Single Brand

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28.07.2023, 12:47

In October 2023, Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways will merge under the single brand – AZAL.

The merger will include the best qualities of both airlines, further expand the opportunities for our passengers to travel at affordable prices, as well as ensure that our customers can plan their trips comfortably and increase the level of service provided to them.

After the merger, all Buta Airways flights will continue to be operated under the single brand of AZAL at the current affordable prices, but with a higher level of service. Various discount campaigns will also be continued throughout the year.

AZAL will offer the new luggage-free ‘Buta Budget’ fare on all its flights to make air transportation more accessible for all passengers.

Moreover, hand baggage will be included in all fares and the baggage allowance will be increased except for the ‘Buta Budget’. Our passengers will be presented an updated menu as well.

Regardless of the direction, it will be possible to book tickets and pay for all flights on the single website and through the AZAL mobile application.

Detailed information on the merger of both airlines and new terms of transportation will also be presented to the public on the official website of AZAL and social network accounts.