Azerbaijan Airlines to Present a New “Azal Club” Loyalty Program

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18.01.2022, 07:10

January 18, 2021, Baku - AZAL, the national airline of Azerbaijan, announces the introduction of the new "Azal Club" loyalty program.

"Azal Club" is a free virtual loyalty card that allows you to collect bonus miles when shopping in a network of retail stores, as well as at various service centers.

The network of partners also includes famous restaurants, hotels, clothing, accessory and perfume stores, entertainment centers, "", "" and others. includes offers from various online sites such as In perspective, "Azal Club" will expand the geography of the partnership network, various partners in the cities and countries where "Azerbaijan Airlines" performs regular flights will be involved.

It will be possible to exchange the miles collected under the new loyalty program for tickets of Azerbaijani airlines - AZAL and Buta Airways.

There will be no commission, no taxes, no surcharges and no seat restrictions when redeeming bonus miles for airline tickets. Also, "Azal Club" users will be able to transfer the earned bonus miles directly to the account of the AZAL-Miles participant in the application or exchange the bonus miles for various goods and services.

We invite those who wish to join the program's partner network. "Azal Club" will provide continuous marketing support and promotion of the partner brand. It should be noted that more than 200,000 users of the AZAL-Miles program are already part of the potential customer base. To join the partner network, you need to send an application to

It is possible to register as a participant in the program through the "Azal Club" mobile application. Download Links:


Apple iOS:

Here, participants will be able to track the current balance, as well as get acquainted with the complete list of partners, their campaigns and offers.

To get more detailed information about the "Azal Club" program, contact the phone number *2002, e-mail or through the official website

What is Azal Club program and how does it work? You can watch a promotional video about it:

Press Service of "Azerbaijan Airlines" CJSC