Symbol of Unity and Remembrance: AZAL pilots depicted the Khari bulbul flower in the sky - VIDEO

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28.09.2023, 11:51

**September 27, 2023, Baku **- Azerbaijan Airlines commemorated our heroes who died for the territorial integrity of the country. The pilots of AZAL outlined the Khari bulbul flower in the sky - the symbol of the cherished memory of our soldiers who died for the freedom of Azerbaijani lands.

Every year on September 27, our country celebrates the Day of Remembrance as a sign of the highest respect for our martyrs. The Day of Remembrance of our brave sons, who rose to the peak of martyrdom for our unity, is a celebration of national will, national spirit and dignity. Khari bulbul is an example of pride, victory and eternity.

The unusual route of the aircraft was demonstrated on Flight Radar that reflects the flight routes of all aircrafts in the world.

This magnificent picture was created by Airbus 320neo of Azerbaijan Airlines named Lachin.

You can watch the video by following the LINK.

We bow to the memory of our heroic martyrs and ask Allah to rest their souls in peace.

Press Service of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC