Your travel points can be used for rewards provided by Azerbaijan Airlines in accordance with the published calculator.

Rewards calculator

To receive rewards under the AZAL-Miles program, we ask you to follow the following instructions:

1.Plan your rewards ticket as far in advance as possible.

2.Check the required number of travel points for your reward using the rewards calculator above.

3.Check your travel points balance in your account to see if you have the required number of points.

4.Contact your nearest Azerbaijan Hava Yollari air ticket sales office for information on the possibility of purchasing incentive air tickets for the period when you wish to travel. The sooner you clarify, the greater the chance that we will be able to satisfy your request.

5.We ask you to apply in person for an incentive ticket. Please remember that rewards tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis.

6.When you book an award ticket, you will be required to pay taxes, airport taxes and any additional fees.

7.If you want to change the time and date of departure on an incentive ticket or upgrade the class of service, this will only be possible 24 hours or more before departure. For Classic membership status, a fee of €50 will be charged for one-way ticket changes and €100 for a round-trip ticket. Holders of Gold and Platinum cards can change the time and date of departure for an incentive ticket FREE of charge before departure.

After departure, all program participants can make the above changes to the reward ticket with the condition of paying 75 euros (one way).